Message From the Provost: Onsite Class Delivery Summer Quarter

I hope that you are doing as well as can be expected throughout this spring quarter in these new, uncharted waters of life with COVID-19. I am so impressed with how we have continued working and studying despite the stresses of these trying times. I write with an update to CityU’s instructional plans for summer quarter. As a means to continue limiting in-person contact and support the social distancing that is being called for as a means to suppress the spread of the virus, CityU is going to continue to offer all courses in the same manner as we have for spring quarter. That is, all course meetings that were scheduled to be held face-to-face will be offered through synchronous, video-conference delivery. This means courses will be held as scheduled, but rather than meet in person they will meet via video conference.

We will continue to monitor the situation as governments slowly reopen economic and social activities. Should we be able to begin to meet in person at some point in summer quarter, we will consider returning to face-to-face delivery modes. That will only occur if the guidance of governmental and scientific agencies suggest it is safe to do so, as the health and safety of our community is our utmost priority. Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

Stay well, stay engaged,

Provost Dr. Scott Carnz

Commencement 2020 Update

Commencement is an important celebration. Thank you for those who took the time to provide your feedback on the 2020 ceremony. Overwhelmingly, you told us that you would prefer to postpone the June 2020 ceremony to the Fall of 2020.  The University has heard you and will be working towards establishing a fall ceremony date. However, these are such uncertain times, with gathering and social distancing measures changing continuously.  Should we be unable to gather and celebrate this fall due to these restrictions, we will consider smaller regional celebrations. And your invitation to the next schedule June 2021 ceremony will always stand.

This postponement does not impact your graduation, or the sending of your diploma.  Diplomas will be sent upon the completion of your final courses and the posting of your degree.

Already RSVP’d to the original ceremony?  No need to do anything else at this time. We will continue to keep you apprised of our plans and will reconfirm your attendance for any new event scheduled. Didn’t RSVP yet? We will reach out to you once final plans are made to confirm  your attendance.

If you already purchased your cap and gown, please hold on to these items as they will be the same for the new ceremony or celebration. Didn’t purchase cap and gown yet? A new order deadline will be established with the finalization of  a new celebration date.

Stay tuned for more information later this summer on date and venue format.

Stay safe, stay healthy and I look forward to congratulating you in person!

President Randy Frisch

Create a strong Password & Protect Yourself from Phishing

A strong password is your greatest protection against having your account compromised. A strong password is primarily determined by length and not necessarily random characters of short length. A password that is easy for you to remember, rather than one you need to write down or store elsewhere is preferable. A good rule of thumb is that it should be at least 10 characters in length (longer is better). An example (please do not use this one!), of a good password would be: there#is#S0meplace#like#h0me. This is an easy to remember phrase from a movie using “#” for spaces, replacing “No place” with “Someplace”, capitalizing the first letter of the replaced word “S”, and using zeros instead of “o”. You can change your password at the CityU Portal (

To learn how to recognize Phishing emails go to this link. This is the most important skill to learn as phishing emails are the most utilized way to get private information from people.

Attention U.S. Students: Purchasing Course Resources

Effective Fall quarter, students in the U.S. may use a vendor of their own choosing to purchase the resources listed on their Course Resource Guides, accessible by clicking the Find Your Textbook button on the library homepage or the Course Overviews and Resources link on the portal.

Required and recommended online resources that are available to students at no cost are listed on Course Resource Guides (available 24/7) or in Blackboard courses (available 3 days prior to the start of class).

The move away from a dedicated online bookstore is a direct result of the evolving textbook marketplace and buying patterns of CityU students.

Questions? Please email

Introducing Self-Service Password Reset

In the next couple of days, all CityU users will be prompted with the following message when logging into CityU email, Teams, or other services provided by Microsoft:

“Your Organization needs more information to keep your account secure…”

As part of Microsoft’s newly enabled Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) CityU will now require users to add additional authentication methods to their accounts. If you have not already done this – or have not been prompted to do so yet, please complete the process to take advantage of this new functionality.

Register Here

You can complete the sign-up process using your existing credentials (username and password) that you use to login today. If you already have MFA set up, please review and confirm any additional information that the page may require. After you register, if you ever forget your password, you can reset it again yourself. You can also select “Can’t access your account?” on the sign in page to reset or unlock your account from any device.

Need Help? Following are two helpful resources from Microsoft:
Learn to register for SSPR.
Watch this training video.

Please note, that information added for your phone number or email address is not shared with CityU’s global directory. Please keep in mind only you can see the answers to your security questions.

If you experience any issues please contact the 24/7 Help Desk.