All Things Graduation

All students in a degree or certificate program must apply for graduation.

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about program completion…

When should I apply for Graduation?

We highly encourage students to apply a minimum of 2 quarters or 6 months before their anticipated completion date. This time allows Registrar’s Office to fully review the file and prepare information for the student and advisor to help with the final terms of enrollment.

How much does it cost to apply for graduation?

The cost for the Final Degree Audit is $100 USD per degree. There is no charge for a Final Certificate Audit. Students who apply online will have this fee charged directly to their student account. Students who choose to submit a paper Final Degree Audit form will have a choice of payment type on the bottom of the form.

When can I expect my diploma?

Once your degree or certificate posts to your transcript, it can take up to ten weeks to receive the diploma. However, your official transcript will be made available immediately.

When will my transcript reflect the posting of my degree or certificate?

Once a student’s final grades are recorded, usually 10 days after the end of the term, the Registrar’s Office begins posting degrees and certificates. This process can take 2-4 weeks depending on the total number of students completing in a given term.

What if I have an outstanding debt on my CityU account?

Outstanding debt will not impact the actual posting of your degree or certificate. However, we will not send out a transcript or diploma/certificate until the account balance has been cleared through our business office. Students may view your student account through the Student Center.

How do I get a second diploma?

Students sometimes need a reproduction or duplicate of their diploma or certificate. Some like one for their home and another for their office setting, and others may find the diploma or certificate was damaged or lost over time. We are happy to reproduce your diploma or certificate for you. The student will need to complete the Reproduction Certificate/Diploma Application Form. This service costs $50 USD per item and if Apostille/Authentication is required additional fees may apply.

How do I request and Apostille or Authentication?

Some countries may require Apostilles or Authentications for diplomas or transcripts. For example, degrees from CityU for students residing in the USA or Canada generally require no additional documentation, but Greece always requires it.

If a student needs an Apostille or Authentication attached to the diploma s/he will complete an Apostille/Authentication Form and pay the required fees noted on the form. The student is required to provide the diploma for this service. When the process is completed the credential is sent to the student at the address on record. Apostilles only can take up to 10 weeks. Certificates with Authentications can take up to 20 weeks.

What is Graduation Honors and how are they awarded?

There are two types of honors awarded at City University of Seattle. Master degree candidates are eligible to earn President’s honors. Bachelor’s degree candidates are eligible to earn Latin honors. Honors are not awarded for Associate degrees, Doctoral or certificates of any kind.

President’s honors are awarded if the student has graduated with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.90 or higher (with no rounding up). President’s honors are noted on the student’s final transcript under the graduation date as well as on the student’s diploma with an “honors” label. Student who attend the Commencement Ceremony and who are awarded President’s honors receive a gold honor cord at the ceremony.

Latin honors are awarded to students graduating with a cumulative GPA in the top of the class in their school or division. Latin honors are designated summa cum laude (with highest honor – top 3.900 or above), magna cum laude (with great honor – 3.800 or above) and cum laude (with honor – 3.700 or above). Latin honors are noted on the student’s final transcript under the graduation date and on the student’s diploma with a special label showing the specific honor. Students who attend the Commencement Ceremony and who are awarded Latin honors receive an honor cord of the appropriate color at the ceremony.