AS in General Studies Program Outcomes

The A.S. in General Studies program will prepare students in the areas of:

  • Professional competency and professional identity. Connects academic learning with professional experience to expand professional identity and broaden perspectives of various disciplines;
  • Communication and interpersonal skills. Collaborates with others to develop, organize, and communicate concise, logical, and consistent messages;
  • Critical thinkers and information literate. Applies principles of critical thinking to identify, categorize, and analyze issues to develop sound and logical conclusions;
  • Commitment to ethical practice. Identifies and integrates ethical issues, based on individual and organizational values, and applies principles in decision-making;
  • Diverse and global perspectives. Synthesizes diverse perspectives within a global context to develop an appreciation for and explain differences in behaviors and practices of individuals, organizations, and communities;
  • Lifelong learners. Demonstrates the ability to reflect on new learning, insights and changed perspectives to further develop knowledge, skills, and abilities.