BS in Information Technology Program Outcomes

The BS in Information Technology program will prepare graduates to:

  • Apply a broad base of technical concepts and practices in core technologies and a deep understanding in key topics to solve technical challenges.
  • Apply current technologies, skills, best practices and standards to developing, integrating and managing information technology and processes in support of business needs.
  • Communicate orally and in writing, to a wide range of audiences.
  • Contribute as a team member and leader integrating professional, ethical, legal, security and social responsibilities in a global environment.
  • Engage in continuing professional development in support of a career in technology or related field.
  • Identify and accommodate user needs in the design, selection, creation and administration of technology solutions, including interface, access and usability aspects.
  • Prepare solutions and develop project plans which account for the local and global impact on individuals, organizations and society.
  • Apply security principles to enhance confidentially, integrity, and availability of information.