COVID-19 Vaccination FAQs

Commonly Asked Questions

What is fully vaccinated?

Fully vaccinated for U.S. vaccines is receipt of two doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine,  or two doses of the Moderna vaccine, or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen vaccine. Other vaccines approved by the World Health Organization are also two doses.

What if I was vaccinated outside of the U.S.?

The following vaccines have been recognized by the World Health Organization and may be used to meet the requirement. If your vaccine is not on this list please complete the attestation form and provide the information requested.  A staff member from the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs will be in contact with you regarding next steps.

What  if I have only received the 1st dose of my two dose vaccine by September 24th?

If you will receive your second dose prior to the September 24th deadline please do not submit the Attestation Form until after your 2nd dose.

If you will not receive your second dose by September 24th, please submit the attestation noting your first dose, leaving the 2nd dose information blank.  A staff member will be in contact with you regarding the date of your second dose.

What if I do not receive my first dose prior to the September 24th Deadline?

To be compliant with the Governor’s Proclamation, students are required to be vaccinated to attend on-campus courses.  Vaccines are available at most major pharmacies (CVS, Bartell, Walgreens) with same day appointments, as well as via clinics and doctor’s offices. To find a vaccine location nearest you please visit

If you are unable to obtain a vaccine prior to September 24th and are scheduled to be on campus for class this October contact immediately to discuss class accommodations or distance learning options prior to fall start.

I heard that philosophical exemptions to the COVID- 19 vaccine was an option.

Per the Governor’s second proclamation, the only exemptions permitted are medical or religious. If you do not meet the vaccination requirements you will be unable to attend in-person instruction in Washington State. Please contact your student advisor to discuss course options if you are unable to comply with the requirements.