Disability Support Services

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the procedure for obtaining accomodations?
Students with disabilities who want to request reasonable accommodations must contact the Disability Support Services office. The next step will be to fill out an intake application and provide appropriate documentation from a licensed and certified person who is qualified to diagnose your disability and include specific recommendations for necessary accommodations. Please note, a high school IEP or 504 plan is helpful, but is not sufficient documentation.

When should I register with the Disability Support Services Office?
Students seeking accommodations should register with the DSS office as soon as possible. Once registered, students should notify the DSS office at the beginning of each quarter in which accommodations are requested.

What is a reasonable accommodation?
A reasonable accommodation enables a qualified individual with a disability to have equal educational opportunity. The purpose of the accommodation is to provide access and does not guarantee success.

Do I have to disclose my disability?
Students are not required to disclose their disability. However, accommodations will not be provided retroactively, and grades will not be changed after a student is approved for accommodations. Even if the student can establish that he/she had a disability at the time of the course, or used accommodations at a previous school, generally, CityU will not re-examine coursework completed before the student was reviewed and approved for accommodations.