Student Services Canada

Quarter Start Dates

Winter Quarter 2022

January 1st, 2002
Classes start the week of January the 3rd

Spring Quarter 2022

April 1, 2022
Classes start the week of April 4th


Summer Quarter 2022/2023

July 1, 2022
Classes start the week of July 4th

Fall Quarter 2022/2023

October 1, 2022
Classes start the week of October 3rd

Canadian BAM Course Schedules and Book Lists

Download the Program Annual Calendar for current cohorts:


Class Schedule for Spring 2021

Note: Quarterly class schedules will be posted on the CityU Canada public website as they become available. 

Required Textbooks

Find your required textbook and other course materials for each class by:

  1. Go to the CityU Library homepage.
  2. Click on the “Reading Lists” – the second teal colored tile.
  3. Click ” Find Lists” on the left hand menu (last link).
  4. Type your course subject and number (e.g. BC 301) into the search box at the top where it states “Lookup reading lists by title, course title, course code or course instructors.”
  5. Click the blue Search button
  6. Search for your course number, followed by Canada, and then the term e.g. BC 301: Canada: Spring.
  7. Click the title area (bar) to open the course resource details.
    • If the resource states “Purchase from the Canadian Bookstore” you may purchase it here. Clicking on the course title will open the ISBN details for the book.
    • If the resource states “Available through the CityU Library,” the library will provide this as a free e-book or journal article. You must be logged into your courses brightspace shell or the library databases to access the resource for free. Clicking on the course title will open the details for the resource as well as the link/links that you will use to access the resource.