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Where are my courses?|Instructors gain access to their course shells 21 days prior to the official start date of the course. Students gain access to their course shells 5 days prior to the official start date of the course. Instructors and students both lose access 45 days after the official end date of the course with the exception of Internship, Thesis, and Performance-based courses which are available for 100 days after the official end date of the course.

When are final grades posted? | Final grades are due to be posted in the Faculty Center by instructors 7 calendar days after the official end date of the course.

Faculty Support for Brightspace

  • CityU’s 24/7 Help for Brightspace and all other technology questions or issues
  • CityU’s Faculty Help Center course on Brightspace (Login and click on Discover in the menu to self-register and access the guides below and more)
  • Email AskCCI! for faculty help from CityU’s Center for Curriculum and Instruction
  • Joining the Brightspace Community with your CityU email to access tutorials, interest groups, and free training resources

Brightspace How To

General Resources

Navigating Brightspace

  • Overview of CityU Brightspace [Video]
  • Your Course Homepage [PDF]
  • Your Course Content [PDF]
  • Common Course Modules [PDF]
  • Course Administration Tools [PDF]

Communication and Notifications

  • Create Your Brightspace Profile [PDF]
  • Create Your Notification Preferences [Video]
  • Use Activity Feed to Engage Students [Video]
  • Customize Activity Feed Notifications[Video]
  • Edit Your Faculty Contact Widget [PDF]
  • Create Your Meet Your Instructor Page [PDF]
  • Create a Video Note
  • Virtual Classroom in Brightspace [Video]

Course Content and Modules

  • Update Your Syllabus and Schedule [PDF]
  • Use the HTML Editor to Create Content [Video]



  • Create a Discussion Topic [Video]
  • Use Discussion Statistics to View Engagement [Video]
  • Grade a Discussion Topic [Video]
  • Associate a Discussion with the Grade Book [Video]

Quizzes and Tests

  • Create a New Quiz or Test [Video]
  • How to Randomize Questions [Video]
  • Manually Grade a Quiz [Video]


Turnitin for Similarity Reports

Note: Grade Sync and Grammar tools are not active at CityU

Group Tools

  • Define Groups and Sections [Video]

Course Admin Tools

  • Class Progress [Video]

End of Course Evaluations