MBA Program Outcomes

The MBA Program will prepare students to:

  • Apply a broad range of comprehensive business theories, disciplines, and technology.
  • Apply socially responsible and sustainable business practices to an organization.
  • Critically use information and results to identify problems, solutions and opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Demonstrate clear, concise and persuasive communication skills that enable them to lead, manage, and participate in diverse organizations.
  • Envision, create, and implement strategies that promote and establish a strong social response and connection to a company, product, idea or service.
  • Identify and develop positive personal traits and ethical awareness.
  • Leverage managerial effectiveness through recognition of individual strengths, values and leadership strategies.
  • Plan, strategize, and capitalize on business trends and opportunities in a rapidly changing global environment.
  • Recognize the diversity in global business and cultural practices and respond in a socially appropriate manner.