MFA and SSPR Set-Up

Multi-Factor Authentication Requirements

Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) creates an additional layer of security when logging into CityU accounts. This security policy is set across the university system and is mandatory for all students, staff, and faculty (on and off campus).  This requirement can be fulfilled through a secondary device that is associated with something in your possession, such as a personal smartphone, that would be unavailable to someone who gained access to your Microsoft Office 365 account.   

The first factor in MFA is your account password

Microsoft MFA provides the following second factor authentication as options:  

  • A (free) Microsoft Authenticator mobile app running on your iOS or Android smartphone that requests that you confirm your log in attempt. This is the most convenient option and can be used freely with a wi-fi connection.
  • A text message sent to your smartphone or SMS text-capable telephone providing a code to enter in the login window.
  • An automated voice call to a designated telephone number providing a code to enter to sign-on.
  • A personal hardware authentication device like a Yubikey (contact the CityU HelpDesk for help with this process)
  • A 3rd party software authenticator (contact the CityU HelpDesk for help with this process)

The most convenient second factor option to use is the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app installed your smartphone to approve the sign-in.

Setting up an MFA Account? Set-up in 3 Easy Steps:

Step One:

Click the Blue Password button on the homepage.

Step Two:

Follow the directions to add a safe and secure two-step verification method for your online credentials from a range of authentication options (see above).

Step Three:

Create your password.

Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) Set-up

As part of Microsoft’s enabled Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) CityU allows users to add additional authentication methods to their accounts. To take advantage of this functionality and manage your authentication methods visit

Once your initial MFA is set up, you can review and confirm any additional information that the page may require. After you register, if you ever forget your password, you can reset it again yourself. You can also select “Can’t access your account?” on the sign in page to reset or unlock your account from any device.

Please note, that information added for your phone number or email address is not shared with CityU’s global directory. Please keep in mind only you can see the answers to your security questions.

If you experience any issues please contact the 24/7 Help Desk.