BS in Criminal Justice

About the Program

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ) prepares graduates by integrating traditional justice administration curriculum with other relevant domains. Designed for individuals seeking to enter or further their careers in broad range of professions from traditional law enforcement to specialized areas such as cybercrime investigation. This is possible because program is purposely multi-disciplinary and breaks the artificial silos and boundaries found in traditional criminal justice programs- which tend to be disconnected from modern practice. Student graduating with this degree will be prepared to apply their education into either private or public sector applications or career trajectories. The program builds-upon student’s experiences to provide more nuanced and advanced technical knowledge and skills in policy and operations- for daily and exigent circumstances. It also affords students an opportunity to take courses in substantive topics such as areas as forensic psychology, corrections, and juvenile delinquency or to tailor a specialization to further careers in a public sector setting.

The BS in Criminal Justice program outcomes can be found here.

Program Faculty

Jessica Giner, Esq.

Program Director

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John Byers

Associate Faculty

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