BA in Human Services


Welcome to Bachelor of Arts in Human Services program. Classes at City University of Seattle are taught by experienced practitioners who work and lead in the fields that they teach. Classes will come to life as you learn about current practices in your field and experience real world applications.

Consistent with our mission to make learning accessible, all the classes in the program are offered online. They are highly interactive, which allows students to learn from the instructors as well from each other. Additionally, they have online assessment management systems available that allow students to complete homework and quizzes from home and receive prompt feedback. Our instructors strive to offer the highest quality instruction. They are very supportive and committed to students’ success.

About our Program

The B.A. in Human Services prepares students with the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to make significant contributions to the profession via direct service to individuals, families, groups, and communities, or via management of service organizations. It also provides a strong foundation for pursuing graduate studies in human services, social work, counseling, criminal justice, health care, or other related fields. Combining a basic core and a field experience capstone with options for several emphasis areas, the program is designed for maximum flexibility to meet students’ needs and support their academic and professional aspirations. It serves students who enter with technical or associate degrees in various social service or allied health fields as well as students who are new to the profession. The core establishes a solid interdisciplinary knowledge base focused on meeting human needs and improving the overall quality of life of service populations.

Program Faculty

Private: Anna Cholewinska, M.A.

Program Director & Associate Professor

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