BS in Information Systems

About the Program

The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems is designed to introduce and reinforce the most recent developments and standards in Information Systems. The program has a core of courses that every student will take to acquire mastery of key concepts and ideas related to information systems. Students will have the opportunity to gain skills, update their knowledge, and reinforce lifelong learning in a dynamic and rapidly changing industry.

The BS in Information Systems program outcomes can be found here.

Featured Course

IS 471 Information Technology Ethics

2.jpgIS 471¬†introduces students to the social, ethical, and policy dimensions of technology in organizations, schools and society. This course examines access and equity issues, censorship, privacy, piracy, hacking, commercialization, literacy, online communication, intellectual property, crime, civil liberties, social media, and developing a “global community” through the internet. It covers the students’ understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities and awareness of ethical issues facing IT professionals is emphasized. It explores the analysis of situations involving ethical conflicts and the ability to make decisions based on professional codes of ethics and conduct are explored.

Program Faculty

Sam Chung, Ph.D.


Bill Kaghan, Ph.D.

Program Director & Professor

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