Student Help Center


Help! I can’t login!

Be sure you are using your full email to login ( and remember that your password is case sensitive. When you are unable to login to any City University resources, changing your password often fixes this problem. You can change your password at the Reset Password Page.

You will be required to enter the following information: Date of Birth (in mmddyyy format, which is 2 digits of month, 2 digits of date, and 4 digits of year) and City University of Seattle ID (This is your Employee or Student ID).

By doing this you are creating your account for all CityU systems, including email, MyCityU Portal, Student/Faculty Portal, and Blackboard.

The password combination must contain at least:

  • 1 upper case English letter
  • 1 lower case English letter
  • 1 digit of number
  • 8 characters in length

New passwords take about 5 minutes to change. If after up to a half hour you are still unable to access email or the portals, contact our 24/7 HelpDesk.

If you get the error “the information you provided does not match what is currently in our system” contact your advisor to verify your information is correct. If it is correct, and you still get the error, contact our 24/7 HelpDesk.

Where are my courses?

Students gain access to their courses 3 days prior to the official start date of the course. Instructors gain access to their course shells 17 days prior to the official start date of the course. They both lose access 45 days after the official end date of the course.

What browser should I use? I’m having trouble viewing things.

CityU highly recommends Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your preferred browser while using CityU systems. If you can’t seem to get into the Student or Faculty Centers, you may need to disable pop-up blockers. If you are using IE (Internet Explorer), which we highly suggest you don’t (unless you are using ecampus/SharePoint), you may need to change the compatibility view settings. If you are unable to open forms, you might need to adjust your security and privacy settings.

How do I use CityU’s Wireless Network?

Wireless network access is available in all our US and Canadian sites. Your wirelessly-enabled device should display the list of available CityU wireless networks when in range. Be sure that you are selecting the correct Wireless network from the list below.

  • If you are a student: CityU_Student
  • If you are Adjunct Faculty: CityU_Student
  • If you are Staff: CityU_Staff

If you encounter any wireless issues, please contact our CityU 24/7 HelpDesk by creating a case or by phone 1.844.867.7322. Here is a document for troubleshooting iPhones/iPads and a document for troubleshooting Mac computers.

When are final grades posted?

Final grades are due to be posted 10 business days after the course’s end date.

Where are End of Course Evaluations?

End of Course Evaluations will open in your Blackboard course and send you email reminders starting the Wednesday before the week of the end date of the course and continue until the Wednesday after the week of the end date of the course. This means they are open for two weeks surrounding the week of the end date of the course. If you have more than one course, they may be open at different times. Check your CityU email frequently. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Can’t access library databases?

Please try the following:

  1. Make sure that you are currently registered for one or more CityU courses. You may wish to contact your advisor to confirm your registration in our system.
  2. Try making these recommended changes to your browser settings.
  3. If you have graduated from CityU but are still working on a thesis, please ask your advisor to register you for the “99” level course. This will allow you to use the library databases while you are finishing your thesis.
  4. If these suggestions do not help, please Ask a Librarian or submit a ticket to our 24/7 Help Desk.

Looking for a list of required and recommended resources for your course?

Please refer to this Course Resources page of our library website.

Do you have questions about library services?

Please use our Ask a Librarian service! You may also refer to our online tutorials under the “How To” tab of your library website and browse our research databases and other resources and services.

I have questions or problems making payments.

Contact the Business Office if you have questions about making online payments or payment by phone, or have any other billing-related questions.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-800-426-5596 ext. 3488
  • Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm

What about Blackboard Mobile Apps?

Blackboard has three mobile apps with different uses and capabilities.

  • Blackboard: This app is specifically for students to access their courses content, announcements, and grades.
  • Blackboard Instructor: This app is specifically for instructors to post quick announcements and review content. While it is available now, it will not be open to CityU faculty until it is set up within the National University System.
  • Bb Grader: The Grader app is specifically for instructors to use in grading and providing feedback on student assignments. It is currently only available for iPad.

While CityU supports the use of Blackboard’s mobile apps by students and faculty, please be aware that these tools have limitations. For student and instructor activity of a critical nature – submitting an assignment, writing discussion forum posts, and participating in collaborative activities in Blackboard or Collaborate – CityU highly recommends that students and faculty continue to utilize a computer with Chrome or Firefox internet browser and a reliable internet connection.

Please visit the App Store or Google Play on your device to search for and download these free apps. Search for and select National University System. Then select City University of Seattle. Login with your username (your email; example: and password.

For issues with mobile apps, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app and then logging in again.

How do I create my account?

Your CityU account will be made automatically using your (using your preferred name) after you’ve been formally accepted. You will receive an email in the morning following your account being created with steps on how to login and reset your password. Look for that. If you do not see it within a day contact 24/7 HelpDesk. If you think you need an account and have not received it, contact your advisor.

If you find your information is incorrect, contact our 24/7 HelpDesk.

How can I get notified of CityU emergencies, school closing, or weather advisories?

In order to get CityU Alerts, you will need to sign up for text/email/phone notifications. The link to sign up is located on your student dashboard.

What happens when there is inclement weather?

Decisions regarding closures or delayed starts will be made no later than 6am PST (including weekends!) Notices of site closures, delayed starts, and/or safety related alerts will be sent using the MyAlerts system in the MyCityU Portal. For sites located in the Greater Seattle/Tacoma or Vancouver WA areas, local television and radio stations may also be notified of any site closures or delays. There is also a recorded phone message targeted specifically to class cancellations due to inclement weather. That number is (206) 239-4738 or 1-800-426-5596 ext. 4738. CityU Offsite Classes/Programs will follow the same closure procedures as the housing facility. This includes Coast Guard Base Seattle, Lower Columbia College, Peninsula College, Victoria, and public school district programs/internships.