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Help! I can’t login!

Be sure you are using your full email to login ( and remember that your password is case sensitive. When you are unable to login to any City University resources, changing your password often fixes this problem. You can change your password at the Reset Password Page.

You will be required to enter the following information: Date of Birth (in mmddyyy format, which is 2 digits of month, 2 digits of date, and 4 digits of year) and City University of Seattle ID (This is your Employee or Student ID).

By doing this you are creating your account for all CityU systems, including email, MyCityU Portal, Student/Faculty Portal, and Blackboard.

The password combination must contain at least:

  • 1 upper case English letter
  • 1 lower case English letter
  • 1 digit of number
  • 8 characters in length

New passwords take about 5 minutes to change. If after up to a half hour you are still unable to access email or the portals, contact our 24/7 HelpDesk.

If you get the error “the information you provided does not match what is currently in our system” contact your advisor to verify your information is correct. If it is correct, and you still get the error, contact our 24/7 HelpDesk.

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