Plagiarism Detection Tool

TurnitinTurnitin is a plagiarism detection tool and is a secondary measure for faculty who suspect plagiarism for student work that might not be caught by SafeAssign within Blackboard.

Effective July 2020, CityU has updated to the Turnitin Similarity interface for submitting student work. Faculty can now create folders for document submissions and can share a Turnitin link to each folder with students through Blackboard Assignments. Students will submit assignments both to the Turnitin Similarity link and to Blackboard Assignments. Or, faculty can batch download assignments from Blackboard and upload them to Turninin to generate the Similarity Reports.

To Create an Account:¬†Email your request to using “New Turnitin Account” in the subject line.

Steps for Faculty Submissions:

  1. Download the paper(s) from Blackboard.
  2. Log on to (Bookmark this page for future access).
  3. Add a folder if one has not yet been created.
  4. Open the folder and select Upload a File to submit student work (you can upload multiple files at once).
  5. Review the Similarity Report.
  6. If plagiarism is detected, share the report findings with the student and have a conversation.
  7. Document the conversation and outcome using an Academic Integrity Form which, when completed, is submitted to the provost at

Turnitin Similarity Report Resources:

If you cannot resolve an issue you are experiencing, you may contact the Turnitin Support Center to complete a support request form, or email